Chocolate Cupcakes Collection

Treat yourself to our indulgent Chocolate Cupcakes Collection, made with the finest quality ingredients including Dutch cocoa and free range eggs, and lavishly decorated with stylish toppings. Choose Signature Chocolate or one of our special chocolate ranges, available in either Little or Not So Little size and delivered by special courier.
Signature Chocolate

Be tempted by our mouthwatering chocolate cupcakes smothered with luscious buttercream and colourful sprinkles. Buy online
Triple Chocolate

Be seduced by our rich Triple Chocolate range decorated with light shavings or little pieces of Belgian white chocolate nestled on a thick dark chocolate buttercream frosting. Heavenly! Buy online
Cookies and Cream

Our yummy Cookies and Cream range is topped with crushed chocolate cookies rolled into buttercream frosting - delicious! Buy online
Chocolate Orange

Who can resist the combination of orange and chocolate? Pure pleasure! Buy online
Sex and the City Chocolate cupcakes

Sexy, sophisticated chocolate cupcakes, buttercream frosted, with gorgeous pink hearts and sprinkles - temptation awaits! See the vanilla version in The Original Collection. Buy online

“So pretty, and your attention to detail in their decoration was amazing…and they were wonderfully moist”