Treat your wedding guests to a delicious sweet treat with the decadent range of wedding cupcakes offered by the experts at The Little Cupcake Company. Cupcake wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular as you can create a unique selection of flavours and presentations while making sure that every guest gets their very own cake.

At The Little Cupcake Company we specialise in creating bespoke wedding cupcakes to make your special day even more memorable and personal. If you are planning a traditional white wedding, our White Wedding Cupcake collection is a classic choice or you could opt for our delightful range of Roses Wedding Cupcakes, which are topped with roses available in three colours, bridal wrappers and optional ribbons.

Looking for a cupcake that matches your wedding colour scheme? We can help with that too, as we can create bespoke cupcakes in 13 colours. We also have cupcake stands of up to 7 tiers for hire, so place your order online or contact us with your specific requirements and we'll be more than happy to help.

Bridal Colours wedding cupcakes

Bridal Colours

We are proud to present our Bridal Colours wedding cupcakes in a variety of stunning colours, ideal for colour matching to your wedding colours.

Buttercup Wedding Cupcakes
Pink Wedding Cupcakes
Quartz Wedding Cupcakes
Fuchsia Wedding Cupcakes
Claret Wedding Cupcakes
Purple Wedding Cupcakes
Ice Wedding Cupcakes
Aqua Wedding Cupcakes
Ocean Wedding Cupcakes
Apple Wedding Cupcakes
Cappuccino Wedding Cupcakes
Charcoal Wedding Cupcakes
Roses Wedding Cupcakes

Roses Wedding Cupcakes

A rose would smell as sweet by any other name - but these are still the best for true romance!

White Roses Wedding Cupcakes
Ivory Roses Wedding Cupcakes
Pink Roses Wedding Cupcakes
Black or White Wedding cupcakes

Black or White Cupcakes

Stunning Black or White Wedding Cupcakes - our striking Black Wedding Cupcakes and our minimalist White Wedding Cupcakes have instant appeal.

White Wedding Cupcakes
Black Wedding Cupcakes

“The cakes for my brother’s wedding were absolutely fantastic. They looked great on the stand and lots of people commented on how lovely they tasted too”