Blueberry Cupcakes

Bursting with blueberries baked into the sponge, these scrummy cakes are sensational at any time of day or night. Grab a book, a brew and one of our delicious blueberry sponges and relax into a comfy chair. The world will disappear around you as you lose yourself into a complete state of true bliss.

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Product Description


Did you know blueberries can be anti-aging? Take a punnet of those super little fruits and add them to the airiest, fluffiest sponge cake around and you have an all-American classic in an irresistibly yummy cupcake. Our cakes are absolutely bursting with a tantalising blueberry flavour and what’s more, you can even feel virtuous thanks to all of those antioxidants you’re eating. Combining these flavoursome little fruits of awesomeness with such a blissfully sweet treat, consume all the heady sensations with our truly memorable cupcakes and feel great doing it!