Soft Centres

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The perfect collection of cupcakes for the soft at heart! Another dimension awaits. Blow their mind as they bite down into fresh, soft sponge and a delicious gooey surprise oozes out from the centre, making their taste buds zing with delight! The fabulous liquid centres in our filled cupcakes come in a variety of tantalising flavours to suit every taste and occasion. Coupled with the irresistible scent of freshly baked sponge and the sweet tang of buttercream icing, these little cakes will make you melt inside with every mouthful. Once you try one of these you won’t look back, that irresistible gooeyness calling you back to have one more. Have them delivered by special courier to somebody special as a succulent surprise or hand deliver them yourself to see the absolute delight on their faces as they take their first mouthful of these delectable treats. If you’re lucky, they might even share!