Christmas Cupcakes

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You're bound to find something here for your Christmas Eve party. Maybe Christmas pudding is off the menu - these will be liked by young and old alike! Don’t slave over the mixing bowl for a lazy Boxing Day evening in front of the TV, dip into a box of your favourites. Treat your team in the run up to Christmas. They are working twice a hard just now! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Fairy lights adorn houses, trees and shopfronts and people are bustling about searching for the perfect gifts to give their loved ones. You breathe in that clear, crisp Winter air and fill your heart with the joyful buzz of Christmas. Perhaps you have a Christmas Eve party coming up and you want to treat your team in the run up to the big day or maybe you want that something extra special for Boxing Day when your family and friends are all gathered around. What could be better than a delicious batch of our freshly baked cupcakes? Take boring old Christmas pudding off the menu (Young and old alike will thank you!) and bite into delectable soft sponge topped with a smothering of delicious frosting and beautiful edible decorations that will make you feel like all your Christmases have come at once!