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Sorry is just a little word but say it like you mean it with a thoughtful box of gorgeous cupcakes. If there is a bad feeling in the air, or some hurtful words were said and you can’t find the right way to apologise, show you care with a beautiful gift. You want it to be heartfelt and see them smile again. All will be forgiven with a delivery of our delicious freshly baked treats. As soon as they take the first bite of our sweet treats, tensions will melt away and bumpy ground smoothed out. Each one of our cupcakes are handmade and decorated with the utmost care and love, so that special somebody receiving them will truly know you care. Treat them to delectably delicious sponge that is crowned with an irresistible swirl of mouth - watering frosting and decorated with beautiful toppings that will put the smile back on their face in no time. With our exhaustive range of flavours and styles, you will find the perfect way to extend that olive branch.