White Candles

Available for all occasions where wishes really can come true, why not add 12 beautiful white candles complete with delicate candle holders, 95mm height, to our delicious treats and complete a momentous day. See the smile on your loved ones face light up and they are transported back to childhood while blowing out the flame on their birthday cake.

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Perfect for birthdays, parties and gifts

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Product Description


A birthday cake just isn’t complete without candles. Think of every birthday memory you have, we bet there are bright candles in there somewhere! With all these wonderful cupcakes and birthday cakes available then what better way to supplement the chorus of cheer then with candles equally matching with the colour of the cakes. Available in packs of 12 complete with holder, these white candles are sturdy enough to be used once and reused for the next occasion. Go on and complete the cheer with candle shining bright in the celebration!